Weather Data: 5/22/23 – 5/28/23

Time for my 160th week of weather station data. I am using Ambient Weather’s interface this week.

The high temperature of 86.0 F occurred on Wednesday afternoon. We had a low temperature of 48.2 F on Monday morning. The dewpoints ranged from 54.3 F to 13.9 F. The dewpoints fell off drastically for the weekend.

There was no precipitation last week. This chart has been excluded from today’s post.

The strongest winds and the strongest gust (29.8 mph) occurred on Tuesday.

The high pressure was 30.04 in Hg (~1017 mb) on Monday morning, and the lowest pressure was on Saturday afternoon, dropping down to 29.82 in Hg (~1010 mb).

The solar charts show variable cloudiness every day this past week. Sunday was the only day that might have been cloud-free.

The particle count peaked at 47 µg/m3 on Saturday, with another lower peak on Friday.

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Satellite Image of the Week 2023 #22

This week, I chose a visible image over the southern Great Plains.

In this image, you can see several storms firing in the Texas Panhandle, with an impressive outflow boundary radiating from them. Notice the circle of clouds that is moving away from them in all directions.

This outflow boundary became the focus of storm development (including a tornado that I caught) later that afternoon.

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College of DuPage – SATRAD.

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