Satellite Image of the Week #20

This week’s Satellite Image of the Week shows heavy cloud cover over the Great Plains, left over from the past two days of mediocre storms.  This is killing chasing for today, for certain.  The next few days only reach a Marginal Risk.  2018 sucks.

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Source:  College of DuPage – Meteorology

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Storm Chase: Day #7

Yesterday was another down day for us.  We took the time to work on other projects and rest instead of an active chase day.  We spent the day in Boulder instead.

We did visit a former Virginia Tech storm chaser, Jen Henderson, who lives in the area, so that was neat.

Other than that, we are prepping for perhaps an active Friday.  It’s a little early to tell, but there is a few rays of hope for later this weekend.  We don’t have a great set up, but perhaps we can make “Limonade” from Limon again.

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