My name is Seth Price, and I am the president and owner of High Plains Tours, LLC. If you would like to storm chase with me, please visit High Plains Tours, LLC and sign up for a tour.

I have been chasing storms in the Great Plains since 2003, with customers, university groups (Virginia Tech, New Mexico Tech), friends, family, and sometimes, on my own.

I am an chemical engineering instructor at New Mexico Tech, but I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Operational Meteorology from Mississippi State University.

I am a Skywarn Spotter and an active amateur radio operator. My amateur radio call sign is N3MRA.

I am using this site as a way to document my predictions and the storms that follow from my predictions.

Update 8/24/18:

If I get the chance, this blog will be updated as follows:

Sunday – Video of the Week:  I will post a weather-related video that I found each week.  Some of these will be from television or social media.  Feel free to send me your video, and I may feature it on this site!

Monday – Weather Station Data: I will go through the data collected by my weather station over the past week.

Tuesday – Weekly Model Update: I will go through some of the numeric models and discuss what areas I see for later in the week.

Wednesday – Storm Prediction Center Update: I will go through the SPC outlook for the next seven days and see what could be developing, according to the SPC.

Thursday – Reading: I will comment on a weather article, or perhaps a book that I am reading that pertains to the weather.

Friday – Tropical Update: I will take a look at the tropics (Atlantic and Pacific) and post about any developing tropical depressions, storms or hurricanes that may impact US territories..

Saturday – Satellite Image of the Week: There is always something neat to see with our satellites. I will post my favorite of the week on Saturday.

In addition to these, I will also post something related to the local weather every day, unless another trigger is activated. By other trigger, I mean:

Storm Chase Day: If I am on the road chasing storms, I will obviously post about these instead of local, NM weather.

Moderate Risk or Greater: If the SPC has issued a Moderate Risk or High Risk anywhere in the country, I will do a severe storm related forecast there instead.

10% Tornado Risk or Greater: If the SPC has issued a 10% or greater risk in the Great Plains (I-25 to I-35, Canada to Mexico borders), I will do a severe storm related forecast there instead.

Hurricane Threat: If a tropical storm or hurricane looks like it will make landfall in the next 24 hours, I will post about this threat.

Other Major Weather Event: Blizzards, Nor’Easters, etc.

By reading this blog, you recognize that I am not responsible for any injury you might get from following my predictions on this site. For weather warning information, stay tuned to local media outlets, NOT this blog.

I also make zero dollars from this blog.  I will not catch every single weather event, on this blog.  My regular work/family/travel obligations will take priority, but I will do my best to post here as often as I can.


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  1. Paul Schmit says:

    Hi Seth! Just wanted to give you a heads up that I wrote you back on Stormtrack, sorry it took me so long! (I was in a weeklong all-day course at Sandia last week, so wasn’t keeping up with the weather during that time.) This weekend is starting to look pretty active, what’s your plan? Also, where are you taking meteorology courses? That sounds like a ton of fun!


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