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Satellite Image of the Week 2020 #2

This week’s image was taken yesterday over the Great Plains You can see a few of the embedded supercells firing over northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas. They have a little bit different shape, forming thick plumes with an anvil that … Continue reading

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Punching a Squall Line

I had a long day yesterday and today, and was unable to post. I was late getting into the hotel last night, as I punched a squall line in western Maryland. ┬áNo hail, but lots of rain. Thank you for … Continue reading

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Awesome Squall Line: 4/26/15

I spent the last 24 hours dealing with final exams in the meteorology classes. Therefore, I did not do a severe weather prediction or a New Mexico weather prediction today. Instead, I will post a radar animation from one of … Continue reading

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Bow Echoes in Mississippi

There was a Marginal Risk of severe thunderstorms earlier today across the south. I did not post about it, and the threat has been reduced. The conditions today did yield a long squall line. Looking at the squall line, there … Continue reading

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What Kind of Cloud is This?

I love it when friends or readers of my blog send me their weather photos or stories! This morning, one of my high school friends, Julia, sent me this photo and asked, “What kind of cloud is this?” What you … Continue reading

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Florida’s Risk Today

While the south and the east coast brace for a winter storm, complete with heavy snow and ice threats, Florida prepares for severe thunderstorms. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has issued a Slight Risk and 5% Tornado Risk for central … Continue reading

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9-22-13: Slight Risk

The Storm Prediction Center has issued a slight risk today for the Four Corners area: This includes a 2% tornado risk for most of the same slight risk area: While the Four Corners region is not what I would consider … Continue reading

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