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Punching a Squall Line

I had a long day yesterday and today, and was unable to post. I was late getting into the hotel last night, as I punched a squall line in western Maryland.  No hail, but lots of rain. Thank you for … Continue reading

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Radar Images from Virginia

I grabbed two radar images on Radar Scope from the tornado outbreak on the 24th.  The first image is of the tornado near Waverly, VA.  Notice the strong, tight, couplet with this storm in the high resolution storm relative winds … Continue reading

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Storm 8/24/15

Yesterday evening, there was a storm near Becker, NM, that was a textbook example of the popup-type thunderstorms we can expect in this low-shear atmosphere. From the shuttle window near Bernardo: On radar, we can see that the cell became … Continue reading

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New Mexico Weather: 8/15/15

I grabbed a few radar images from yesterday’s storms. I live really close to the Albuquerque radar, so I don’t have 3D imagery of these storms. I would like to point out that Idalia Rd is the killer of all … Continue reading

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Radar Hole

I will not go into a full description of how Doppler radar works, but I did want to point out a series of screen captures I pulled a few days ago. There were severe storms over southeastern New Mexico. These … Continue reading

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