Weather Data: 6/22/20-6/28/20

Time for my 12th week of weather station data!  I did lose a day of data (Wednesday).  I’m not entirely sure what happened, but it explains the very straight lines in each plot.  I checked the data after a brief spattering of rain, only to find that the station wasn’t running.  It recorded the rain, and nothing else.  A reboot fixed it.

The temperatures peaked on Monday, but the high temperatures reached into the 90s F every day.  The moisture decreased from Tuesday on, with a few smaller peaks.

We received 0.02 inches of rain on Wednesday, though the station did not record the rainfall rate.  It was only a brief sprinkling, blown out of a virga bomb.

The wind chart shows afternoon gusty winds, with the strongest on Saturday.  Notice that Saturday was windy almost all day.  There was probably a few stronger gusts on Wednesday, but that data was lost.

The high pressure was 30.03 in Hg (~1017 mb) on Monday, and the lowest pressure was Wednesday night, reaching down to 29.66 in Hg (~1004 mb).

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday were sunny.  Tuesday was mostly sunny, though a few, afternoon clouds showed up on the plot.  Thursday was partly cloudy all day.

Thank you for reading my post.

About highplainschasing

This blog is about my tales in storm chasing. My name is Seth Price and I am an instrumentation instructor at New Mexico Tech. My amateur radio call sign is N3MRA.
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