Satellite Image of the Week #10

This week’s Satellite Image of the Week was taken over the Atlantic, just off the coast of Africa.   I chose this photo for several reasons.

First, notice how there is a lot of dry air (and even dust) blowing off the coast of Africa.  Keep in mind, the Sahara desert is to the east, and the easterlies blow dry, dusty air over the Atlantic.

Second, farther out in the ocean, there is a good example of open-cell and closed-cell convection.  If you were to animate this image (sorry, I didn’t capture the animation this time), you would see that the border between the open-cell and closed-cell convection moves as constructive interference with another unidentified wave.

Thank you for reading this post!

Source:  College of DuPage – Meteorology


About highplainschasing

This blog is about my tales in storm chasing. My name is Seth Price and I am an instrumentation instructor at New Mexico Tech. My amateur radio call sign is N3MRA.
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