Appropriating the Weather: Part II and Part III

I have been reading Appropriating the Weather:  Vilhelm Bjerknes and The Construction of Modern Meteorology by Robert Mac Friedman.

The second part of this book was not quite as interesting, as it tracks Bjerknes life and different career options.  It does highlight how he pursued various funding and resource options and showed the importance of using absolute units for meteorological measurements.  We take for granted that absolute units are used in our calculations now, but back then, there was quite a bit of resistance to this concept.  He wanted to make sure that all weather data was collected or could be translated to the same system.

The third part shows how Bjerknes begins to pursue weather forecasting as a matter of necessity during the first World War.  During this time, food shortages were plaguing Norway, and so he spent time trying to figure out how to maximize crop yield during their short growing season.  He also developed a new cyclonic model based on some of the increased availability of data, due to wartime funding of meteorological research.


Thank you for reading my post.

Friedman, Robert Marc.  Appropriating the Weather:  Vilhelm Bjerknes and the Construction of a Modern Meteorology.   Cornell University Press, 1989.


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