Tropical Update: 9/1/16

I did not get a weather post out this morning, though there is plenty of tropical activity to report today.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) shows two hurricanes and one area of potential development in the Atlantic.

9-1-16 atl

First, Hurricane Gaston continues towards the Azores as a Category 1.  Currently, there are 80 mph sustained winds and a central low pressure of 984 mb.  There are Tropical Storm warnings issued for the Azores.

Second, Hurricane Hermine is threatening the northern Gulf Coast.  Currently, there are 75 mph sustained winds and a central low pressure of 988 mb.  The NHC has issued Hurricane Warnings along the Florida Panhandle as this storm makes landfall.  The infrared satellite imagery shows a well-defined eye and intense convection with this storm:

9-1-16 atl ir.GIF

A third area of potential development exists over the open waters of the Atlantic.  The NHC gives this area a 10% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone in the next two days, and only a 20% chance over the next five days.  The storm is expected to move into an area of dry air and weaken over the next few days.

In the Eastern Pacific, there are two areas of potential development.  The NHC gives the area closest to the western coast of Mexico a 60% chance of development in the next two days, and an 80% chance over the next five days.  Heavy rains and increasing winds are expected in this area starting tomorrow.   The second area of development has a 10% chance of developing over the next two days, and a 20% chance over the next five days.  Upper level winds are expected to shear the tops and inhibit organization.

9-1-16 pac

In the Central Pacific, we have two named systems and an area of potential development.

9-1-16 cpac

Over the open ocean, we have Hurricane Lester, that stands as a Category 3.  Lester is quite photogenic on the visible satellite imagery.

9-1-16 lester

Also, notice how there are thick clouds (as shown by the infrared satellite imagery) all the way around the eye on this storm, as compared to Hermine.

9-1-16 lester ir

We also have Tropical Storm Madeline that is threatening Hawai’i.  This storm is not very impressive on satellite imagery, but perhaps I’m only seeing her bad side.

The area of potential development only stands a 10% chance of developing into a  tropical system over the next two days.

I will be doing my best to watch all of these systems at once.

Thank you for reading my post.

Satellite Imagery: NASA MSFC Earth Sciences Office
Hurricane Data:  National Hurricane Center  and Central Pacific Hurricane Center



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