An Ambitious Project: #2

Last week, I mentioned on here that I was going to start building my own land/sea/atmosphere model. My goal for the week was to get Matlab installed. This ended up being more challenging than I originally thought, but it is installing right now.

The biggest problem I had was that the laptop I intended to use was not functioning. Further inspection showed that the memory had popped out of the socket, shorted against the holder and cooked. One of the two 2GB memory sticks is no longer functioning, but the laptop, and the other memory stick seemed to survive.

This afternoon, I tried installing a copy of Matlab I had available. Apparently, the copy is no longer valid, so I had to sign up for a free 30-day trial of Matlab 2015a. I started downloading the trial, only to lose power due to a nearby pop-up thunderstorm. I had to restart the download, and it is currently downloading.

That is a big list of excuses! I did play in Excel for a few minutes. Even building a 1D model that changes with respect to time is quite challenging. If the air temperature and the water temperature are different, the speed at which they mix and hit equilibrium is a function of a lot of variables. I am going to start by treating each node (which there will only be two to start!) as a “heat reservoir” such that a known amount of energy is present in each node, and they will reach equilibrium when there is no longer an energy gradient between them. This will require the heat capacity of each material, as well as estimating a heat transfer coefficient.

For next week, I will have Matlab installed, as well as have an .m file written to calculate the “heat reservoir” of each substance, at least as a first pass.

Thank you for reading this post.


About highplainschasing

This blog is about my tales in storm chasing. My name is Seth Price and I am an instrumentation instructor at New Mexico Tech. My amateur radio call sign is N3MRA.
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