Lenticular Cloud and Camera Woes

Here is a grainy, blotchy image of a lenticular cloud over Lakeview, CO yesterday:

It was an incredible site, sorry you can’t see it.

I took this with my Sony HV200V. I hate that camera. It has a poor CCD, and a terrible noise reduction routine. It brags about 18.2 megapixels and 30x optical zoom, but when the pictures come out looking like you painted them with water colors (regardless of what settings you use), the camera is garbage.

I rate this camera 1 out of 5, mostly because you can use the 30x optical in lieu of binoculars if you want. Otherwise, it’s garbage.

Over the years, I’ve purchased three digital cameras. The best one I purchased was a Sony DSC-30, a 1.3 MP camera back in 2001. I also had a Kodak something or another 4.0 MP camera, but that one also had noise issues.

I may storm chase with a film camera this year and pray that whoever develops the film doesn’t screw up.

About highplainschasing

This blog is about my tales in storm chasing. My name is Seth Price and I am an instrumentation instructor at New Mexico Tech. My amateur radio call sign is N3MRA.
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